Molecular Biophysics is an exciting interdisciplinary research area. Georgia Tech has vibrant, interactive biophysics research faculty and state‐of-the‐art instrumentation. Biophysics research projects at Georgia Tech involve investigations of macromolecular structure, function, and catalysis. A wide variety of approaches, including spectroscopy, X‐ray crystallography, cryo‐EM, microscopy, single molecule techniques, and computation are employed.

Research may be conducted in any of the research Foci:

  • Structure, Function, and Evolution of Nucleic Acids
  • Membranes, Protein Misfolding, and Protein Function
  • Cellular Sensors and Cellular/Extracellular Dynamics

Interested in graduate study in Molecular Biophysics? Complete an online application or preapplication for admission via the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry at: http://www.chemistry.gatech.edu/academics/prospective-graduates 

The Molecular Biophysics graduate training program aims to increase diversity and to create a supportive environment for members of traditionally underrepresented groups.


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